SASS Program Overview

  • Upon program admission, SASS participants will undergo an intake assessment and co-create an Individualized Service Plan (ISP) with Corner Health Center to address their holistic health needs and the factors that lead to their justice involvement. Services recommended may include mental and behavioral health services; individual, group, and/or family therapy; medical clinical services; psychiatric services; mentorship; educational and/or vocational services; referrals to outside providers; and case management. Corner Health Center will review ISPs with participants regularly and adjust as needed to ensure the service plan is meeting the participant’s needs.
  • SASS participants must comply with all bond conditions set by the presiding judge, complete all assessments and evaluations recommended by Corner Health Center, participate in individualized case planning with Corner Health Center, engage in and complete the services recommended by Corner Health Center, comply with referrals to outside agencies, make full and truthful reports to the clinicians and staff of Corner Health Center, consent to release information as necessary with Corner Health Center, pay restitution ordered in the case if applicable, attend all court hearings and appointments, and not engage in criminal behavior. 
  • The SASS program is designed to be completed in six (6) months; at which time the participant will appear before the presiding judge for a six-month review hearing. During the review hearing the Court will consider recommendations from Corner Health Center and determine whether the participant is successfully discharged, unsuccessfully discharged, or granted an extension of up to six (6) months to complete the program. 
  • To complete the program successfully, participants must complete the goals and services identified in their Individualized Service Plan (ISP) and must not incur new charges during their participation. Upon successful completion of the program, the referred case(s) will be dismissed without further prosecution. Participants will be unsuccessfully terminated from the program for failure to engage in or complete their case plan, incurring new charges, voluntarily withdrawing from the program, or inability to be safely managed in the community. Upon unsuccessful termination from the program, the referred case(s) will return to prosecution on the traditional criminal justice path.