Waste Knot Program

Waste Knot trash can

About Waste Knot

Waste Knot is a program for businesses, schools, government agencies, non-profit organizations, and other organizations committed to reducing waste and protecting the environment.

Waste Knot is part of Washtenaw County's Environmental Excellence Partnership Program.


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The Waste Knot Program

Waste Knot helps organizations to reduce their waste and increase their recycling, as well as recognize community leaders in waste reduction through the Environmental Excellence Awards.

Applications go through a screening process. After, the Waste Knot coordinator schedules a site visit and meeting. At the site visit, you discuss your waste logistics, purchasing options, staff and member education, and other waste reduction opportunities. From this information, organizations receive a personalized Waste Reduction Action Plan and welcome letter. Waste Knot uses the “3Ps – Practice, Purchase, Policy” framework for the waste reduction action plan. 


Our partners include retail stores, office-based businesses, faith-based organizations, schools, and more. 

Reducing waste can also reduce your costs. According to The Recycling Partnership, 7 out of 10 Americans will go out of their way to support a company that makes strong efforts to be sustainable.

So join over 300 partners currently leading the way in Washtenaw County!

Waste Reduction Project Funding 

Whether or not you’re a Waste Knot partner, Washtenaw County may have funding to help with your waste reduction projects. Visit our page on Waste Reduction Sponsorships to find out more information and how to apply.