Waste Knot Partnership Requirements

Waste Knot Partnership Requirements

Who Can Join

Any Washtenaw County business, school, governmental agency or non-profit can apply to be a Waste Knot partner.


Washtenaw County organizations that have waste management practices that incorporate the three key elements to a successful waste reduction and recycling program qualify.

The three key elements (referred to as the 3 P's) are:

  1. Practice regular recycling and waste reduction within the organization including education of employees on how to recycle and reduce waste.
    • What types of materials are being recycled? 
    • Is the organization reusing materials? 
    • What practices are being utilized to reduce waste? 
    • Is there room for improvement in reducing, reusing, or recycling?
    • How do you communicate to employees about recycling and waste reduction?
  2. Purchase environmentally friendly products - those with recycled content or are reusable, recyclable, or compostable.
    • What recycled-content products does the organization purchase?
    • Is there room for improvement to purchase more recycled/reuse materials or higher percentage recycled content?
    • Are single-use disposables being purchased? What can be replaced to compostable, recyclable, or reusable?
  3. Policy - Organization policies on recycling and waste reduction (may include energy conservation).
    • Does the business have a waste reduction and recycling policy, strategic plan, mission, or goals? 
    • Is waste reduction, recycling, or sustainability officially part of someone's job responsibilities? 
    • How are people informed of, education about, or updated on recycling policies? 

When You Don't Meet Requirements

If your organization does not meet one or all of the (3 P's), or we otherwise deem there to be enough room for improvement before you qualify as a Waste Knot partner, you may qualify instead for a Certificate of Merit designation. A Certificate of Merit designation is a temporary partnership that acknowledges your organization's commitment to waste reduction and recycling and to making the necessary changes to become a full partner.

The Solid Waste Program offers free, non-regulatory waste assessments and program development assistance to help organizations become Waste Knot Partners. All it takes is a phone call or an email to get the process started!