2016 Distinguished Assessing District Award

The Washtenaw County Equalization Department was awarded the 2016 Michigan Assessors Association's Distinguished Assessing District Award.  Michigan has over 1,500 jurisdictions that were eligible for the award.

This award is conferred on a state, county, or local assessment agency that has instituted a technical, procedural, or administrative program which is, for the affected jurisdiction, an improvement over prior programs, and which is generally recognized as one component of a model assessment system and a contributing factor to equity in property taxation.

2016 Distingushed Assessing District Award Michigan Assessors Association Washtenaw County Equalizat

Director Patel Accepted the Award

Raman Patel, Director, accepted the award at the M.A.A. 44th Annual Summer Conference.  Mr. Patel has been with the Washtenaw County Equalization Department for the last 47 years.

Second Time Receiving this Award

This is the second time the department has received the award under Director Patel's direction.  The first was in 1990.  It is unusual for the M.A.A. to give the award more than once to a single jurisdiction.