Picnic Areas

Picnicking in Washtenaw County

Picnicking is a popular activity in Washtenaw County Parks. They provide shade trees, open grassy areas and most have picnic tables available. Have a bite to eat at one of the many County Park scenic locations.

Picnicking is not currently permitted in our Nature Preserves or at Osborne Mill.

Most sites are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

  • Cavanaugh Lake: 1 picnic shelter
  • County Farm Park: 2 picnic shelters are available for use (no reservations accepted), one located off the Platt Road entrance and the other off the Medford Road entrance. There are also many other outdoor areas available. Contact administration at 734-971-6337 with questions.
  • At Independence Lake, picnicking is available on an informal basis throughout the park. There are over 100 picnic tables and 30 barbecue grills, available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Locations are very picturesque and located within walking distance to bathrooms, the swimming beach, playgrounds, and trail heads. Independence Lake Park offers rental opportunities as well.
  • Park Lyndon: 2 picnic shelters, one each at Lyndon North and Lyndon South; Lyndon North is equipped with a fireplace.
  • Park Northfield: 1 picnic shelter.
  • Parker Mill offers a variety of picnicking opportunities under shade trees and at picnic tables.
  • Pierce Lake Golf Course and Park has one shelter available for Golf Outings; however, picnicking opportunities are limited.
  • At Rolling Hills, picnicking is available throughout the park. There are a variety of open and shaded areas for picnicking - with tables spread throughout the park. Some picnicking areas offer grills as well. Rolling Hills offers pavilion rental opportunities, ranging in size from a 12 person family unit to a 200 person unit.
Picnic area in Rolling Hills Park
Large picnic area in Rolling Hills Park
  • Sharon Mills is a beautiful park with a variety of scenic picnic areas. There are also Rental Opportunities available.
  • Superior Center is a small roadside park offering picnic tables and shaded areas.