Voting Equipment

Washtenaw County has deployed a new Hart InterCivic Verity Voting system to replace aging election equipment. The new equipment includes ballot tabulators, accessible devices for voters with disabilities, and election management software.


The Verity Voting system offers Washtenaw County many advantages including:

  • Robust security features such as encryption, two-factor authentication and redundant data storage to safeguard election results are incorporated in the devices and software.
  • User-friendly devices, with consistent, plain-language instructions for voters and poll workers. The system has the smallest footprint available, with briefcase-size, lightweight devices and sturdy collapsible ballot boxes that are easy to transport
  • Verity is federally certified and meets Michigan's most stringent standards.
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New Voting Equipment Instructions & FAQs

To vote your ballot, mark your choices on the ballot by completely filling in the rectangle next to each choice. If voting in person, your ballot has been successfully cast when the image of the American Flag appears on the screen.