Public Infrastructure & Facilities Improvement

OCED has created a Project Checklist (PDF) for communities and contractors participating in Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)-funded public infrastructure and facilities improvement projects in the Washtenaw Urban County

Examples of CDBG-funded projects subject to the documents on this page include:

  • Neighborhood parks and recreational facility improvements
  • Removal of architectural barriers (in any participating area)
  • Road improvements
  • Senior citizen center improvements (in any participating area)
  • Sidewalk replacements
  • Water and sewer improvements

Project Checklist

The checklist serves as a step-by-step guide for complying with local and federal CDBG program requirements and is divided into four main sections: bidding of projects, pre-construction period, contractor/sub-contractor responsibilities, and the reimbursement request process.

Project Bidding Process

Pre-Construction Period

Contractor/Sub-Contractor Responsibilities

Reimbursement Requests

This list of quick links is not a comprehensive set of project requirements and should only be used for reference. For a complete list of project requirements, please see the Project Checklist (PDF).