Historic Resource Database

Explore the 4,000+ historic resources of Washtenaw County and the rich cultural history that makes our County unique!

You can investigate these fascinating resources, view aerial imagery, and map nearby natural features using our online mapping interface.

HistWeb contains survey information, photos, and sketches of properties more than fifty years old gathered over the last 22 years. It contains a compilation of surveys located outside city and village limits but within Washtenaw County. The information is current through June 2003 but the aerial photos were taken in April 2002.

Many resources are located in rural townships currently experiencing rapid growth and losing their rural landscape. 

Please read the directions, disclaimers, and certifications and have fun exploring Washtenaw County's cultural history.

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How to Use HistWeb

You can sort through the database using 19 pre-selected fields. When a property is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, State Register, or is a Washtenaw County Historic District, a link will be provided for more information. Most sites depicted herein are private property and are not open to the public. The owners have been generous in sharing their knowledge and property histories, and their privacy should be respected.

This site is a compilation of surveys of historic resources from a specific time period. Therefore, changes have inevitably occurred, and we ask for your help in making corrections or additions to the information presented. We will update the site as new documentation becomes available. Please contact us with documentation for corrections and updates. Resource information varies in the amount of detail available. Some resources may have been missed during the surveying process.

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