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Competitive Sealed Bids (Request For Proposals)

Notice - These RFP Solicitations are provided for public information and for downloading by interested parties.

Bids / Proposals will be publicly opened by the Washtenaw County Purchasing Division on the date and time specified in the column titled " Open Bid Date and Time " for each individual bid.

Late responses to RFPs will not be opened. Faxed or e-mailed responses will not be accepted.

Reviewing RFPs

After the public opening, you may review the status of bids by using the "Closed Bid" link in the left-hand navigation bar.

Vendor Application

If you would like to become a Vendor and potentially be a part of a County Project Bidder's list, please follow these instructions for becoming a vendor through our self-service portal. 

We appreciate your interest in doing business with Washtenaw County!