One of the best places to play badminton in Washtenaw County is at the Meri Lou Murray Recreation Center in Ann Arbor. The facility can accommodate up to eight courts simultaneously. The center offers drop-in play opportunities for adults and families separately. An annual non-sanctioned tournament has been organized by volunteers and staff since December of 2001. See the current gym schedule (PDF) or call the recreation center at 734-971-6355, for additional information.

To serve more of our community members, we are limiting guest visits to 3 time slots per week. Reservations are for 55 minutes and 12 people are permitted to sign up for each time slot.  The first 8 people who show up will play first and are required to rotate in and out, so everyone has a chance to play during the hour.  Please exit the gym promptly at the end of your session to allow the next session to begin play.   Spectators are not allowed in the gym at this time.  *Must have a valid Meri Lou Murray Recreation Center membership to participate.


  • Masks must always be worn over nose and mouth. 
  • A first name and last name must be entered in the slots (no initials) so we can verify membership.
  • Playing doubles is permitted if all four players reside in the same household and proof is provided.
  • You can only sign yourself up to play.
  • Failure to show up to your reserved time without canceling will result in limiting future reservations.

By signing up to play badminton at Meri Lou Murray Recreation Center, you agree to the rules and will always follow them.  If found in violation of these rules, you will be asked to leave, if it happens again, your membership will be suspended. 

If you or any member of your party are ill, or have any symptoms related to the COVID-19 virus, do not come to the recreation center. All persons entering our facility should perform a self-health assessment before entering. If you have a fever, cough, or shortness of breath, we ask that you do not enter.