How to Get Involved

Application Process

Applicants will complete an initial phone interview to determine eligibility and if the program is a good fit for the interested party. During the interview, the Program Supervisor gauges the volunteer’s level of interest in working with various age groups and sites to determine a good match between the volunteer’s interests and the site placement’s needs. Personal stability, health status, interpersonal skills, experience with children, and ability to follow supervisor’s direction are among the factors considered when accepting an applicant. Once it is determined a volunteer meets the program criteria, a time to complete an application and paperwork will be scheduled.


  • "Richard has shown some improvement in slowing down and completing his work. He loves to participate in class and wants to be successful in school."
  • "Janna came to kindergarten with no prior school experience (no preschool). She is now reading above grade level and writing as well as her peers."
  • "Leyara's behavior, interest, and classroom participation has increased dramatically. She is reading and writing above grade level."