HMIS Agency Administrators

Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) Duplicate Client Record Process

  • All duplicate client records should be compiled on the spreadsheet (XLS) and submitted by the agency administrator to the HMIS System Administrator every Friday.
  • Agency end-users should submit all duplicate client records to their respective agency administrator throughout the week.
  • Neither end-users nor agency administrators should submit individual duplicate records to the HMIS System Administrator.

Resetting User ServicePoint Passwords

  1. Navigate to the “Admin tab”
  2. Select the “User Admin” icon
  3. Search for the user by first and last name or username
  4. Select the edit pencil or the blue hyperlink username
  5. Select the “generate password” button
  6. Record computer-generated password or create a custom password
  7. Hit the "Reset" button next to Consecutive Bad Logins
  8. “Save and Exit”