Selection Process

The jury selection process is a random process from start to finish. Initially, your name was among those from Washtenaw County randomly selected from the State of Michigan drivers’ license and state identification lists. From the initial pool of juror candidates received from the State, the Washtenaw County Jury Commission issues qualification and personal history questionnaires to a randomly selected sample. Upon receipt of the completed qualification questionnaires, the Jury Commission reviews and qualifies potential jurors according to law. Questionnaires for a random pool of qualified jurors are then forwarded to the 14A District Court for summoning.

Selection at the Courthouse

When you arrive at the courthouse a jury clerk will meet you at juror check-in and request your name and address. Before the selection of jurors begins, you will be asked to swear or affirm that you will truthfully answer the questions concerning your fairness and ability to sit as a juror on a particular case. As a prospective juror you will be questioned by the judge or trial attorneys. This process, referred to as Voir Dire, is conducted to determine whether you have opinions or attitudes which would bias you in favor or disfavor of either side.

While some questions may be personal in nature, they are not intended to embarrass you even if that becomes the result. They are asked to determine if there is a reason you should not sit on the case. Jurors may be excused for cause for reasons such as a personal or financial relationship with a party which would impair their ability to be fair. In addition, each side may excuse a limited number of jurors by peremptory challenge without any reason. Jurors who are excused from one case may be eligible to sit on another.


If upon receiving your summons you realize you have a scheduling conflict (for example, a pre-purchased or planned vacation, a scheduled medical procedure, a business trip, etc.), you may email the Jury Clerk to request a deferral of your service. No more than one postponement will be granted.

I Am a Student and Don't Want to Miss Any of My Classes

If you are a college student, please provide verification that you will be in school during the month you are on call for jury service. With verification, your jury service could be changed to a month when you are available. Contact the 14A District Court Jury Clerk for information on rescheduling your service.

My Religion Prohibits Me from Judging Another Person

If you are requesting to be excused on religious grounds, please submit a written statement in support of this request to the 14A District Court Jury Clerk.