What are the responsibilities of a juror?

Jurors must be prompt in arriving at the court. A trial cannot begin unless all jurors are present. Jurors must give their undivided attention to the witnesses, attorneys, and proceedings. Remember that the outcome of the case is very important to those concerned.

  • The trial will begin with opening statements by the attorneys for both sides. The examination of witnesses and presentation of evidence will begin after opening statements.
  • In final arguments, both attorneys will have an opportunity to summarize their positions and review the facts of the case. At the conclusion of the final arguments, the judge will issue instructions to the jury concerning the law and its application to the particular case.
  • The jurors will then proceed to the jury room to begin deliberation. The jurors must select a foreperson who presides over these deliberations. You will discuss the evidence and attempt to arrive at a fair and impartial verdict based on the facts presented during the trial and the law as given by the judge's instruction. When deliberations are complete, you will return to the courtroom for the presentation of your verdict.

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