What about DNA testing?

DNA testing may be arranged in a paternity case filed by our office. The testing may be completed in our office or if a party lives more than 1 hour away, testing will be arranged closer to his/her home. All parties are notified of the date and time of their appointment approximately 2 weeks in advance.

The results are sent to our office in about 4 weeks after all parties are tested. Copies are sent to the parties and provided to the Court. The DNA testing will either determine that there is no possibility of paternity or that the probability of paternity is at least 99%. If the results show that the alleged father is not the biological father, the case is dismissed. If the results are positive, we contact the parties to resolve the case. Repayment of the processing fee is included in the final order.

If a party is ordered to appear for DNA testing and does not, the Court may enter an Order, which establishes legal paternity and includes a specific child support obligation.

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