What is food service plan review?

Food service plan review is a process that new and remodeling food service facilities must complete to review the design and layout of their proposed construction or changes. Plans must be received and approved before any construction may take place. In addition, any new equipment must be approved before installation. Keep in mind that removing or relocating equipment such as hand sinks, dish machines, and 3-compartment sinks may also require approval. The purpose of plan review is to spot problems on paper so that necessary changes can be made before costly purchases, installation and construction take place.

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1. What is food service plan review?
2. Which agency do I need to contact for my plan review?
3. When do I need to submit plans?
4. How long will the plan review take?
5. What happens after I get an approval letter?
6. When can I open?
7. Once I am open, will I be inspected again?
8. How do I renew my license?
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