What does this regulation require?

Regulation Requirements

  • The inspection and evaluation of septic systems and/or wells before residential property changes ownership.
  • Inspections to be performed by private sector inspectors who are certified by the County (PDF). (Note: Inspection fees are set by individual inspectors.)
  • Inspection reports to be filed with the Washtenaw County Environmental Health Division. These reports include:
    • A description of the water supply and septic system construction
    • A summary of functional status
    • Recommendations
  • The County to generate a written notice either authorizing the transfer of property or requiring corrections. Authorization must be issued before the deed can be transferred.
  • Corrective action plans to be submitted within 30 days in cases of non-conformance.
  • All necessary corrections to be completed within 180 days.

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2. What does this regulation require?
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5. Must all systems be brought up to current standards?
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9. How are these inspections accomplished?
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