What does this program cost?

The actual inspection prices are market-driven, and private inspectors set their own rates. The County does not regulate these rates and does not receive any portion of the inspection fees. The County does charge a fee to cover processing costs. This fee schedule is available on the website. Note that many inspectors include the County's fee in their pricing schedule, so be sure to ask your inspector for details.

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1. When did this program start?
2. What does this regulation require?
3. Why do we need this program?
4. What does this mean to homeowners who want to sell their property?
5. Must all systems be brought up to current standards?
6. Are there any exceptions to this regulation?
7. Does this program delay home sales?
8. How can I sell a house before repairs are completed?
9. How are these inspections accomplished?
10. What does this program cost?
11. When can I expect the results?