What does this look like on the client side? How long does counseling services take?

Clients will engage
in services with a coach and focus on specific financial goals they are looking
to achieve. While the coach provides support, accountability and technical financial
knowledge, the client will direct how they choose to do this work. Coaching is
centered on the idea the participant is in the driver’s seat with the agency
and ability to create the change they seeking. 

The length of the
counseling sessions thus varies depending on the needs of the client. The
average client meets with a counselor for 6 months to a year (can be longer or
shorter) and has 3-6 sessions to track progress. 

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1. Who is eligible to receive services at a Financial Empowerment Center (FEC)? Who is our target audience?
2. How is this different from asking people to “budget their way out of poverty”?
3. What does this look like on the client side? How long does counseling services take?
4. How do we ensure clients learn and take responsibility for their actions related to their financial circumstance?
5. How do we ensure competency for the proposed FEC staff on issues of equity?
6. What kind of referral network will be in place to provide the support clients need, such as therapy or emergency assistance?
7. What outcomes have been achieved in other communities?
8. Are there plans to utilize the wealthy community as volunteers to create buy-in and to leverage funds for financial planning or coaching?
9. What collaborations might be possible with higher education?
10. Why does the Cities for Financial Empowerment Fund mandate raising $300,000 in the first year?
11. How will the community be informed of results and new initiatives?
12. How might we leverage what we are learning to advocate for public policy shifts?
13. How does the county plan to develop actual investment and planning support?