Why is erosion and sediment control important?

Sediment is the greatest pollutant by volume impacting our lakes, streams and wetlands. Sediment is the product of uncontrolled erosion. Everyone in Michigan is affected by erosion and off-site sedimentation. Erosion and sedimentation result in: loss of fertile topsoil, filling of lakes and streams, increased flooding, damage to plant and animal life and structural damage to buildings and roads. Construction is one of the major causes of erosion in Michigan. Without proper planning and management, over 100 tons of sediment per acre per year can be generated on some construction sites. For more information, contact Soil Erosion at 734-222-6860.

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1. Why is erosion and sediment control important?
2. What local units of government does the Washtenaw County SESC Program have jurisdiction in?
3. What activities require a permit or waiver?
4. What does the County's Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control Program consider surface water?
5. Where do I apply for a permit and how long does the process take?
6. How long is the permit valid?
7. Can a soil erosion permit be transferred?
8. Are there penalties associated with Part 91, Washtenaw County SESC Ordinance?
9. Will I need a Michigan Department of Environmental Quality permit?
10. Who do I contact for further information?