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Brauer Preserve

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About Brauer Preserve

Upland habitat communities include dry-mesic forest and dry Southern forest; wetland community types include Southern swamp, marsh, and open water. In particular the swamp around the lake has many mature trees and an impressive fern community. The preserve also includes approximately 85 acres that were farmed prior to the County acquiring the property. With assistance from the Natural Resources Conservation Service and the Washtenaw County Conservation District, WCPARC developed a conservation management plans to include the continuation of farming on the land. Conservation farming practices include crop rotation, establishment of field borders and buffer strips to protect waterways, and minimum use of fertilizer and pesticides.
  • Acres: 226
  • Established: 2003, expanded 2010
  • Trail Length: 2.25 miles

Brauer Preserve is operated by the Washtenaw County Parks & Recreation Commission and was purchased through the Natural Areas Preservation Program.


Directions: From I-94: Exit #167 Baker Road, southbound. Turn right off Baker onto Jackson Road (heading west, Baker ends at a T intersection). Turn left onto Parker Road (heading south). The preserve parking area is on the right (west) side of Parker Road, approximately 0.2 miles south of Waters Road (and approximately 0.7 miles north of Ellsworth Road).