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Ervin-Stucki Preserve

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Ervin- Stucki Preserve Trail Map (PDF)

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About the Ervin-Stucki Preserve

Ervin-Stucki preserve contributes to the protection of the second largest watershed in the County (River Raisin), including over 1.2 miles of River Raisin shoreline on both sides of the river. Much of the property is made up of wetlands including forested floodplain, which dominate the site. Here skunk cabbage, Jack-in-the-pulpit, and swamp white oak are found in abundance. Former farm fields in the preserve are slowly converting to grasses, forbs, and shrubs. At present, a small part of the property is still being farmed.
  • Acres: 126
  • Established: 2003
  • Trail Length: .35 miles

Ervin-Stucki Preserve in Bridgewater Township is operated by the Washtenaw County Parks & Recreation Commission and was purchased through the Natural Areas Preservation Program.


From the parking lot, a long boardwalk takes you toward the River Raisin. A second boardwalk (which may have dry soils under it much of the year, but often has deep water beneath it in late winter/spring) guides you to a lovely overlook of the river. Note: please do not trespass on the neighboring farm fields! Stay close to the fence line as you make your way to the river.

From the overlook, the preserve continues downriver. Though there is no formal trail, visitors are welcome to explore the woods along the river (which are preserve property) by walking in the grass along the woods edge. Please remember - do not walk in or across the farm fields.


Directions: From I-94: Exit Number 159 (M-52), southbound. Turn left on Austin Road, then right onto Clinton Road. The preserve access point is on the west side of Clinton, approximately 0.6 miles south of Austin, directly opposite Burmeister Road.

There is a second Austin Road access point to the Ervin-Stucki Preserve, but there is no formal parking lot and no signage at this location. The Austin Road access point is on the south side of Austin, almost directly opposite Neal Road (and approximately 0.2 miles west of Clinton Road). Visitors should pull onto the property and park along the fence.