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Waste Reduction Sponsorships

  1. Waste Reduction Sponsorships: Background and Overview
  2. The Washtenaw County Board of Public Works (BPW), Washtenaw County Board of Commissioners , and the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE) approved the 2017 Solid Waste Plan (SWP). The SWP sets forth a set of goals and principles for reducing waste and increasing landfill diversion within Washtenaw County. The BPW created a new committee to provide input, guidance, and direction, and technical advice for implementation of the SWP called the Plan Implementation Advisory Committee (PIAC).
  3. In furtherance of the goals and objectives related to eliminating waste, the BPW and the PIAC have created the Waste Reduction Sponsorships. At the beginning of each calendar year and including 2019, $100,000, will be available. Large sponsorships (defined in the attachment below) will receive priority consideration. A percentage of the total fund will be set aside for Small and Medium sponsorships. Any unallocated funds from the Large sponsorships will be available for Medium and Small sponsorships.
  4. Please fill out this application entirely for consideration. If you have questions or need assistance with this application, please contact Isabella Garramone at [email protected] or 734-222-3827.
  5. Organizational Information
  6. If not located within Washtenaw County, estimate the percentage of your organization or business services that serve residents of Washtenaw County.
  7. Contact for Project
  8. Project Information
  9. A project brief should be a maximum of 150 words; more details should be included in the Project Scope and attached as a PDF (below).
  10. (Requested Amount / Total Cost) x 100
  11. Be sure to include how the proposed project will increase your organization's ability to reduce or redirect waste.
  12. See link above for the 2017 SWP.
  13. Include projected maintenance costs and the party responsible for future costs, if applicable.
  14. Reporting Commitment
    Approved projects will commit to reporting on quarterly progress, in addition to a post-project impact report. Depending on the project, the awardee may be required to make a presentation to the Plan Implementation Advisory Committee or the Board of Public Works.
  15. Required Attachments
  16. The Scope of Work should be no longer than 3 pages, including an overview, background and/or purpose, project objectives and/or goals, projected timeline, and a brief budget overview. Associated technical documents might include other planning documents as you deem necessary.
  17. For Medium and Large sponsorships only and if deemed applicable, attach a letter of support for this project from the head of your organization and/or letters of support from impacted stakeholders (could be other organizations, your municipality, a contractor, etc.)
  18. Utilize this upload if additional files are necessary
  19. Project Submission
    I hereby submit this sponsorship application on behalf of the organization above.
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