Water Resources


705 N Zeeb Road
Ann Arbor, MI 48103



Monday - Friday

8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.
 After Hours Services

Report a Flooding Emergency After Business Hours: Call 911

Request Service using an Online Map after hours

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Pratt, P.E., Evan N. Water Resources Commissioner   734-222-6860 734-222-6860
Sheehan, Harry Chief Deputy Water Resources Commissioner   734-222-6851 734-222-6860
Miller, P.E., Scott Deputy Water Resources Commissioner   734-222-6818 734-222-6860

Customer & Financial Services - Water Resources 

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
House, Autumn Communications and Media Specialist   734-222-3856 34-222-6860
Katz, Michelle Program Coordinator   734-222-3878 734-222-6860
Thiel, Kristi Senior Management Analyst   734-222-3811 734-222-6860
Worth, Nichole Customer Service Specialist      
Walczesky, MCAO , Mallory K. GIS and Special Assessment Supervisor   734-222-3835 734-222-6860
Weisgerber, Kristin Accounting Coordinator   734-222-6862 734-222-6860
Peters, Jake GIS and Special Assessment Intern   734-222-6820 734-222-6860
Araiza, Marcella Customer Service Specialist      

Engineering - Water Resources 

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Marsik, P.E., Theresa Stormwater Engineer   734-222-6844 734-222-6860

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Bryan, MLA, Susan Rain Garden Coordinator 734-222-3814 734-222-6860
Rice, CHMM, Heather Senior Environmental Planner   734-222-6833 734-222-6860
Wytychak, Catie Water Quality Specialist 734-222-6813 734-222-6860
Connors, Matt Seasonal Rain Garden Assistant 734-222-6860 734-222-6860
Leonard, Rachel Seasonal Rain Garden and Outreach Assistant 734-222-6860 734-222-6860

Field Services - Water Resources 

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Dancer, Robert Drain Inspector   734-222-3853 734-222-6860
Decker, Marc Field Services Supervisor   734-222-3917 734-222-6860
Fricke, Jakob Drain Maintenance Technician   734-222-3821 734-222-6860
Fry, Mike Drain Inspector   734-222-3856 734-222-6860
Fults, William Field Services Manager   734-222-3883 734-222-6860
Gdula, Matt Drain Maintenance Technician   734-222-3873 734-222-6860
Griffin, Bob Drain Inspector   734-222-3897 734-222-6860
Streeter, David Drain Inspector   734-222-3850 734-222-6860
Peters, Jeff Drain Inspector   734-222-3983 734-222-6860
Blom, Josh Drain Maintenance Technician   222-6860  
Gabowitz, Chase Seasonal Drain Maintenance Laborer    
Hann, Zachary Seasonal Drain Maintenance Laborer    

(734) 222-6860

To reach public works email

For Home Toxics Disposal, County Clean-Up Days, WasteKnot, or other materials management questions, email

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Porta, Angela Environmental Education and Outreach Coordinator 734-222-3810 734-222-6860
Eggermont, Theo Director of Public Works 734-222-6864 734-222-6860
Koloski, Lauren Environmental Supervisor 734-222-6865 734-222-6860
Garcia, Will Solid Waste Program Specialist 734-222-3890 734-222-6860
Mayo, Eric Solid Waste Specialist   734-222-3827 734-222-6860
Strain, Emma Seasonal Environmental Assistant    

Soil Erosion Control - Water Resources 

HOW TO APPLY - Submit your complete permit application and site plan by:

  • Email -
  • Mail - SESC Program 705 N Zeeb Rd, Ann Arbor, MI  48103
  • Drop Box - Red drop box outside the Western Washtenaw Service Center (address above)

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Engelhard, Benn Soil Erosion Control Officer   734-222-6815 734-222-6860
Lee, Katie Soil Erosion Program Supervisor   734-222-3978 734-222-6860
Wilcox, Grayson Soil Erosion Control Officer   734-222-3981 734-222-6860
Fusik, Rachel Seasonal Water Resources Assistant