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1. My parenting time order states I have "reasonable visitation rights or reasonable parenting time". What does this mean?
2. I have a specific parenting time schedule that I need to change. What can I do?
3. If the payor of child support is not making regular child support payments, do I have to allow him/her to have parenting time?
4. The other party is not following the parenting time order. What can I do?
5. The other parent is not sending or returning clothing or other personal items for our child. Is there anything the Friend of the Court can do?
6. Do I have to let my children go for parenting time if it appears that the other parent has been drinking or using drugs?
7. I am concerned about the other parent discussing changes in the Court orders with the children. What can the Friend of the Court do?
8. The Friend of the Court has refused to enforce my visitation order. What can I do?
9. I have a parenting time order, and my teenage child does not want to come for parenting time. What can I do?